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What to Expect in a Partial Hospitalization Program

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Many people have misconceptions about what a partial hospitalization program (PHP) entails. Part of that is its name. People see “hospital” and immediately imagine a hospital stay. But your PHP expectations should be vastly different from when someone is in the hospital for a broken leg or because they came down with pneumonia. The program’s name is more about the level of care people receive when attending this type of addiction recovery.

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What Is a PHP?

Before diving into your PHP expectations, it’s worth defining PHP first. For starters, a PHP is a type of addiction or mental health treatment where clients attend treatment multiple days per week for between four and six hours each day. It is a middle ground between complete residential treatment offered through inpatient services and the more limited level of care provided by outpatient treatment.

PHP is a blended approach to addiction treatment that takes elements from both inpatient and outpatient to provide a high level of care while allowing clients to retain some freedom and independence as they access treatment. PHPs are not for everyone. It is always best to work with trusted addiction treatment experts to determine the level of care you need. People who meet some or all of the following criteria typically have the best experience with a PHP:

  • Have difficulty functioning at work or school because of addiction or substance use
  • Are not at risk of self-harm
  • Are medically stable
  • Have true support from loved ones
  • Live in a stable environment that supports sobriety
  • Experience mental health issues at the same time as substance abuse

The benefits of PHPs boil down to three things: structure, treatment, and socialization. The following section describes these in more detail and provides a great overview of what to expect in PHP.

Benefits to Expect in a PHP

First, attending treatment every day for a set number of hours provides crucial structure to the life of someone trying to overcome addiction. Most programs begin in the early morning and run into the afternoon, with at least one meal for clients. Routinizing care in this way builds positive habits for people in recovery.

Second, are the treatment methods employed during a partial hospitalization program. The main methods used in a PHP are group therapy and educational services. Group therapy is proven to be as effective as individual therapy. It comes with the added benefit of connecting clients to peers in recovery who can provide mutual aid and support. Meanwhile, educational services help people understand their addiction and connect clients to the knowledge and skills necessary to live a productive life after treatment. PHPs may also use medication management for clients when applicable.

Lastly, socialization is a vital part of the healing process during a PHP. Group therapy facilitates positive relationship building within a safe structure. The people you meet during addiction recovery often serve as accountability partners and friends that eliminate the isolation and social distress many people with addiction experience.

Common PHP Expectations for Clients at La Fuente Hollywood

Knowing what to expect in PHP is important. The most important thing is to show up and commit to attending every day for the length of treatment. Most PHPs last 30 days. Missing even one day could pose a setback to meeting your recovery goals. Beyond that, motivation matters. The attitude people bring to treatment plays a significant role in how successful they will be.

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