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Debunking the Most Common Myths About Meth Addiction

two men embracing as they celebrate debunking the most common myths about meth addiction

The vast majority of people have limited or no knowledge of meth. Often, what knowledge they do have is informed mainly by the media. The unfortunate part is that not all messages about meth that are propagated in the media are grounded in fact. Shows like Breaking Bad and their presentation of the drug stick in the societal consciousness far more than any public health messaging at the moment.

Myths about meth do our society a disservice. They make it harder for people who struggle with meth addiction to get help. But they also mean some people may fall into meth addiction because they do not understand the drug and what it could do to them. Clearing up myths about meth is paramount to having a better conversation about drug addiction and potential treatment options.

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Common Myths About Meth

Before tackling the most common myths about meth, it’s worth laying out some facts about what meth is. First, meth is a type of stimulant. Using meth unleashes a large amount of dopamine. This causes users to experience a rush of euphoria and boosted energy levels. Its power is a double-edged sword, though, as it is very habit-forming and addictive.

In addition, meth is one of the most dangerous drugs in terms of overdoses and deaths across the country. Meth abuse can also cause extreme weight loss, insomnia, meth mouth, and the development of sores on the body. Equipped with a basic understanding of meth, it’s time to explore a few of the most common myths about crystal meth.

1. Myth: Meth Addiction Is Easy To Hide

The high-functioning person who struggles with addiction is fixed in the public consciousness. When it comes to meth addiction, that is rarely the case. People who abuse meth are not usually good at hiding its impact. Behavior change is almost inevitable when under the influence of meth. Then too, the physical changes that come with meth abuse are particularly difficult to hide.

2. Myth: Brain Function Does Not Recover After Meth Abuse

It is true that meth use impairs brain functioning. Dopamine receptors are damaged, and numerous brain areas are impacted by meth abuse. Yet it simply isn’t true that the brain cannot recover following meth abuse. That doesn’t mean recovery is instant or even easy for people who struggle with meth abuse. But recovery, including normal brain functioning, is possible.

3. Myth: Meth Enhances Your Personality and Productivity

One of the biggest myths about meth is in relation to how it impacts sociability and work performance. Many people believe that meth helps people be more social or more productive. Indeed, meth use often boosts energy levels. But there’s a wide gap between the kind of harmless energy boost from coffee and the type provided by meth. First, meth alters self-perception. You are essentially under the influence instead of being a heightened, more energized version of yourself. Second, meth abuse actually worsens cognition and processing over time.

4. Myth: Therapy Is Ineffective For Treating Meth

This myth is intertwined with the myth about brain function being permanently impaired by meth abuse. It can lead some people to think recovery from meth addiction is impossible because therapy will be ineffective. This could not be farther from the truth. Therapy is effective for treating meth. In fact, therapy is perhaps the best treatment method for helping your brain return to its normal functioning.

5. Myth: Meth Enhances Sex

The last myth about crystal meth to debunk is that meth enhances sexual performance. Meth’s stimulating properties do increase libido. However, any increased sex drive is canceled out by the range of negative consequences inherent to pursuing sex under the influence of meth. For starters, people who abuse meth are more likely to contract HIV and other sexually-transmitted infections.

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Debunking myths about meth is important, though it is not the same as getting yourself or a loved one help for overcoming addiction. La Fuente Hollywood is a leading provider of meth addiction treatment. Reach out to 888.903.9898 and learn more about how La Fuente Hollywood treats meth addiction.