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The Dangers of Mixing Meth and Alcohol

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On their own, both meth and alcohol are dangerous substances. Both are addictive and cause numerous issues when abused. Meth and alcohol become even more dangerous when their use is combined. Possible consequences include heart damage, alcohol poisoning, and overdose. And that is to name just a few of the negative outcomes. People who struggle with both alcohol and meth abuse or addiction are said to have a dual diagnosis. Tackling two substance abuse disorders simultaneously is more complex. Yet the good news is that both can be treated simultaneously.

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What Is Meth?

Meth is one of the most dangerous illicit drugs in circulation today. It is highly addictive and habit-forming because of just how powerful it is. Even a few uses can be enough to disrupt the brain’s normal functioning and lead to developing a dependence. Using meth causes a dopamine release that is three times more powerful than cocaine.

Meth use has grown in recent decades because of its powerful effects. But another factor is its affordability. Meth is often cheaper than other stimulants, such as cocaine. On its own, long-term meth use can cause a host of problems, including:

  • Memory loss
  • Impaired thinking
  • Extreme weight loss
  • Insomnia
  • Paranoia
  • Anxiety

Other adverse side effects of meth abuse are meth mouth, which is essentially extreme oral decay, and sores. Ultimately, meth is dangerous, if not downright deadly, on its own. Combining meth and alcohol is a recipe for even higher risk.

Dangers of Mixing Meth and Alcohol

One reason people ingest a meth and alcohol mix is that alcohol enhances the impact of meth. Meth and alcohol mixed actually slow down the rate at which the body processes meth. This means the euphoric high lasts longer and may even feel more intense. The amplification inherent to mixing meth and alcohol causes many people to abuse both drugs at the same time.

This mixing of alcohol and meth presents a specific kind of danger. While alcohol increases the potency of meth, the presence of meth masks the effects of the alcohol. As a result, people may drink an extreme amount since they do not feel the typical effects of alcohol. The outcome could be alcohol poisoning, which can be life-threatening. In addition, having both meth and alcohol in the bloodstream puts your heart at risk of damage.

The meth and alcohol mix can be deadly from another perspective too. Both drugs impair judgment. Driving under the influence of either drug, let alone both, is beyond risky. Lastly, while meth and alcohol mixed present a more intense high, it also makes the comedown worse. The crash following meth use often presents extreme psychological challenges, possibly even suicidal ideation.

Treating Meth and Alcohol Addiction

People who suffer from meth and alcohol addiction are said to have a co-occurring disorder. This can also be referred to as a dual diagnosis. Tackling both disorders at the same time is complex yet definitely preferred over just treating one disorder at a time. Treatment providers like La Fuente Hollywood take a holistic, individualized approach to treating meth and alcohol addiction.

Most individualized treatment plans revolve around detox, medications, and therapy. The surrounding supports and resources that a patient accesses are then more customized to meet their needs. Progress may, at times, feel slow. But sticking to a recovery plan offers the best chance at life transformation.

Recover from Addiction at La Fuente Hollywood

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