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Alumni Program

Healing, Strengthening, and Advancing the Lives of LGBTQ People Seeking Recovery

rehab alumni programLa Fuente Hollywood Treatment Center, one of the nation’s leading gay drug rehab and addiction treatment programs, specializes in helping LGBTQ individuals find sobriety and drug-free living and learn how to keep it. La Fuente hosts a strong and active alumni program.

Call today for more information about the rehab alumni program at La Fuente Hollywood Treatment Center at 888.903.9898

What Is an Alumni Program?

Our goal is to remain connected to our alumni as frequently as possible. Through our alumni dinners and our weekly 12-Step meeting, alumni are encouraged to stay connected through service commitments, sponsorship, community events, and volunteer opportunities within the community. La Fuente celebrates and reconnects yearly with alumni by hosting an alumni banquet. Through engagement beyond rehab, those in recovery can maintain their life of sobriety.

We encourage clients to join our rehab alumni program. We host events that connect staff and former patients allowing them to participate in 12-step meetings and other exciting community events that keep them focused on sobriety and drug-free living.

What Events Are Available?

An alumni program can help you maintain your sobriety through the advice and encouragement of La Fuente clients. Sober activities may spark your interest in new hobbies and introduce you to new friends also committed to sobriety. Typically, those who participate in an alumni program may better face the challenges of transitioning back to life outside of rehab.

The benefits of an alumni program vary, but every opportunity to engage in sober activities helps. Ask your therapist how you can come back for aftercare program meetings 30 to 60 days after your recovery and sign up for events.

Benefits of an Alumni Program

After successfully completing a drug and alcohol addiction treatment program, many clients choose to sign up for recreational activities and sober outings as part of an aftercare program.

Typically, an alumni program’s benefits include reconnecting with like-minded people who want to preserve their sobriety and recovery.

Here are some of the top benefits of an alumni program:

  • Develop a network of recovering addicts for support
  • Continue to develop tools to transition back to everyday life
  • Practice life skills training you attained during recovery
  • Find a new source of group and individual support
  • Attend educational workshops and relapse prevention programs
  • Extend and receive hope and encouragement

Before you leave drug addiction treatment, ask about the alumni program at La Fuente Hollywood and how it can help you maintain a sober life.

Alumni Program for Drug-Free Living

We strongly believe that keeping in touch with other program graduates can help you sustain your sobriety. In our experience, the more engaged you are in activities related to sober living, the better you can battle cravings and prevent relapses.

The benefits of an alumni program go beyond social gatherings. When you feel low and unable to cope with the pressures of life without drugs and alcohol, getting away for a bit of fun and companionship can help enormously. Additionally, our alumni program helps you maintain connections with staff members who helped you through rehab and detox.

Rehab Alumni Program in Hollywood, California

Our Hollywood, California location allows us to draw from the Greater Los Angeles area and Southern California when establishing our community approach. After you go through detox, our addiction recovery program addresses underlying issues such as mental health disorders that may have impacted your substance use disorder. Our dual diagnosis approach addresses both mental health and substance abuse challenges. If you require further therapy outside of recovery, attending our alumni program can keep you in touch with former clients who can share advice on where to find additional help.

Surround yourself with supportive people dedicated to your recovery and build healthy relationships and habits for your continued life of sobriety.

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