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Preparing for a Partial Hospitalization Program

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Many people view a partial hospitalization program (PHP) as a middle ground between inpatient and outpatient treatment. It offers a high level of care alongside flexibility. This hybrid approach is an excellent fit for many clients who need intense treatment but require some independence during recovery. Preparing for PHP is essential. Getting ready for addiction treatment is worth your time and will ensure you make the most of your recovery.

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What Is a PHP?

There is more to a PHP than its ability to fill the space between inpatient and outpatient treatment structures. A PHP can provide vital addiction treatment, typically for about 30 days. However, people may need more time in a PHP before they move to a less intense outpatient or sober living program.

Clients typically attend treatment five days per week for between four and six hours. During treatment days, people access group and individual therapy, educational services, medication management, support groups, and more. PHPs are often the best fit for people who:

  • Have previously relapsed during outpatient treatment
  • Have a co-occurring mental health disorder
  • Live in a stable home environment that is drug-free
  • Are supported by friends and family in pursuing recovery
  • Have work, family, or school responsibilities that make inpatient treatment impossible
  • Seek a more affordable option than inpatient

The first step in getting ready for PHP is discussing with a medical professional whether you meet enough basic criteria to make a PHP the right next step in recovery for you. Once that has been decided, the rest of preparing for PHP begins.

A Guide to Preparing For PHP

When preparing for PHP, it is vital to understand what type of commitment for which you are signing up. Unlike inpatient treatment, you do not need to disconnect entirely from daily life and give up all outside responsibilities. Yet the time and effort expected of you during a PHP are still intense. For at least a month, you will dedicate approximately thirty hours of your week to attending your PHP. That’s similar to how much time you spend at a part-time job.

Still, that commitment doesn’t mean you have to give up on family duties, work, or school. It does mean that you should communicate with your boss or close loved ones that you will attend a PHP. The more focused you are on recovery, the better your outcomes will be. Trying too much regarding a job or taking care of the family while attending a PHP is a recipe for little or no progress.

Another reason to communicate your plans with family or close loved ones is that their support is vital. People with stronger support networks tend to do better in recovery. You need not feel alone during recovery, but that begins with letting those around you know what is happening and how they can best support you.

Another consideration in preparing for PHP is to consider what comes after. Aftercare will undoubtedly be a topic of discussion in therapy and with your addiction treatment specialists, but you should also give it independent thought. Your 30 days in PHP will go fast, but they will not be the last step to recovery.

Access PHP at La Fuente Hollywood

La Fuente Hollywood is a leading provider of PHP for addiction in West Hollywood. Preparing for PHP is not something you need to do alone. Even before you start your treatment at La Fuente Hollywood, you can begin getting ready for PHP with our support. This preparation will help you know what to expect and how to make the most of your time accessing treatment at La Fuente Hollywood.

Reach out to 888.903.9898 to learn more about effectively preparing for PHP.

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