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3 Benefits of Family Therapy

Family smiling and holding one another after family therapy

Addiction can strain family relationships and end long-term relationships. Family support can also make a difference throughout addiction recovery. Often it can be challenging for loved ones to understand and accept addiction. It can be just as hard for someone with an addiction to understand how addiction affects their family, friends, housemates, and partners. Working with a family therapist can educate and support the whole family.

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What Is Family Therapy?

Family therapy is a type of therapy for family members and loved ones to overcome addiction together. Like individual or group therapy, sessions last an hour to 90 minutes. Sessions vary from week to week based on what a family needs. Family therapy serves all kinds of close relationships and groups of loved ones who are ready to grow and heal together. Working with family therapists can provide couples, parents, children, and other family groups with the tools they need to change dynamics, improve communication, and manage mental health alongside addiction recovery.

Family Therapy Benefits for Addiction Recovery

Every family and relationship is unique. Family therapy can help any relationship grow and thrive. For those struggling to express their feelings and feel heard while a loved one is going through recovery, a therapist can make sure everyone has their needs met. They can also recommend further psychological support. Benefits of family therapy include:

Improved Communication and Boundaries

From active listening to self-advocating, family therapy can give everyone the space to voice their needs and respond in non-judgemental ways. This can lead to healthier boundaries and improved problem-solving skills. Therapists use psychodynamic techniques to help give clients emotional insight and address communication patterns.

Stress Reduction and Coping Mechanism

By working together, family members heal collective trauma, develop tools for daily stress, and become more adaptable to change. Strengthening boundaries through new family dynamics can help reduce daily stress levels. Through roleplay, modeling, and thought experiments, therapists help families find the right coping mechanisms for their unique relationships.

Mental Health Education

Understanding addiction and mental health can be one of the best tools to help families cope with addiction and move forward together. Family therapy provides knowledge, support, and referrals for those who need more individual support. This can reduce the risk of relapse and mental health stigmas, promoting open conversations and family support systems.

These are only a few benefits of family therapy. Once family members have a deeper understanding of individual experiences and how to affect each other’s daily lives, it’s easier to create change together. If you and your family are willing to change, develop better boundaries, and tackle addiction recovery together, family therapy can help.

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