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What Is Partial Hospitalization?

Patient talking to health professional at a partial hospitalization program

Finding the right rehab program isn’t easy. Choosing between residential and outpatient care is a big decision. For many in the LGBTQ community struggling with addiction and mental health, finding a safe place to recover is hard. While residential treatment can provide a safe place to detox, outpatient programs can help people connect with the sober community where they live. You may have also heard of partial hospitalization programs, but what is partial hospitalization?

If you or someone you love is ready to learn more about partial hospitalization programs in Hollywood, CA, we can help. La Fuente Hollywood Treatment Center works with cutting-edge addiction recovery tools and psychiatric support for the LGBTQ community. You can learn more about partial hospitalization programs by calling us at 888.903.9898 to find the right program.

What Is Partial Hospitalization?

Exactly, what is a partial hospitalization program? Partial hospitalization, also called PHP, is the highest level of outpatient rehab. In partial hospitalization, clients spend several hours daily in a rehab facility, returning home at night to eat and sleep. The federal government sets parameters for PHP requirements, ensuring that clients get the same care across the country. These programs treat mental health, substance abuse, and addiction with various therapies, medication management, and peer support.

Partial hospitalization programs are often confused with intensive outpatient programs. Unlike IOPs, partial hospitalization requires clients to attend rehab at least 4 hours a day, five days a week. For many, this consistent level of care can prevent relapse and keep clients on track. Partial hospitalization often lasts 3 to 4 weeks. Some clients use PHPs after residential detox and then step down to other levels of outpatient care.

Benefits of a Partial Hospitalization Program

Partial hospitalization programs have a range of benefits. However, PHPs may not be suitable for everyone at every stage of recovery. Some people need residential programs to remove them from unstable home lives. They may also need a break from work or school to focus on healing. For those in safe homes, PHP benefits include:

  • Maximizing insurance benefits. Insurance may cover more partial hospitalization program costs than residential rehab, and in general, PHPs are more affordable because clients sleep at home.
  • Flexible schedule. PHP offers flexibility with high levels of care for those who can’t take the time away from home for residential rehab.
  • Duration. PHP programs take less time to complete than other types of addiction recovery and provide clients with long-term tools for sobriety.
  • Help residents transition from residential rehab to home life. PHPs help develop new schedules, coping mechanisms, and sober communities after residential treatment.

PHPs are ideal for those who want a high level of treatment close to home. They are also suitable for those who’ve completed a residential program and are looking to connect with the local sober community. This can be especially essential for those in the LGBTQ community looking to stay sober and connect and socialize outside bar and club scenes.

Finding Partial Hospitalization Programs Near Me in Hollywood, CA

Sadly, the LGBTQ community is disproportionately affected by addiction. A lack of inclusive mental health and addiction support across the country can make rehab unsafe for many community members. This means LGBTQ partial hospitalization programs are essential for our community. For many, an inclusive PHP can be a healing, motivating, community-building approach to long-term sobriety.

Discover Partial Hospitalization Benefits at La Fuente

If you are someone you love in the LGBTQ community and are ready to learn more about PHP for addiction recovery, call La Fuente Hollywood Treatment Center today. Our inclusive Southern California clinic treats alcohol, party drugs, prescription drug, and other addictions alongside mental health treatment. Our dual diagnosis programs provide individual and group therapy to build a stronger LGBTQ community right here in Hollywood, CA. The compassionate staff at La Fuente understands the trials of addiction recovery. Many of them are in recovery themselves. We know the community is stronger together, no matter where each of us is in recovery.

If you’re curious if partial hospitalization suits you or someone you love, contact us today at 888.903.9898 to speak with our staff.

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