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The Dangerous Relationship Between Meth and Weight Loss

young woman studying her body in the mirror unaware of the dangerous relationship between meth and weight loss

Meth is a dangerous, addictive drug. Like any addictive substance, numerous root causes play into why a person begins to use a drug in the first place. One reason that sometimes plays a role in meth use is weight loss. Meth weight loss is an incredibly common side effect of abusing meth. The physical change in a person’s weight can be dramatic and sudden, alongside other physical issues like meth mouth, sores, and even false aging.

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Meth and Weight Loss

Meth and weight loss are connected because weight loss is a common side effect of meth abuse. Thus, the answer to, “Does meth cause weight loss?” is a clear yes. Weight loss is, in fact, sometimes at least a partial cause for someone to begin using meth.

While it does often produce dramatic weight loss, meth is far too dangerous and addictive to ever be a productive, healthy option for pursuing weight loss. Not to mention that meth is illegal, and its procurement and use are liable to leave someone in financial or legal jeopardy. What may begin as a ploy to lose weight may just end in a severe addiction.

Why Does Meth Cause Weight Loss?

Not all drugs, prescription or illicit, cause people to lose weight. So why does meth cause weight loss? It starts with the fact that meth is a stimulant. Drugs classified as stimulants increase energy levels, suppress appetite, and reduce sleep. Meth use often follows a binging pattern.

Binging is when someone uses a lot of a drug for several consecutive days before taking a break. That can result in someone not sleeping for days at a time. Pair that with the fact that their appetite is gone, and they may not eat a regular meal during a meth binge. Take these factors together, and it is easy to see why meth weight loss is so common.

In addition, while not yet conclusive, some research into long-term meth abuse seems to indicate that it affects the body’s metabolism and ability to store fat. Again, more research is needed to be certain. But it would match with the larger impact of meth abuse on the body.

Meth Addiction Treatment Options

Every day, people who begin taking meth recreationally or as a means of losing weight find themselves slipping into drug abuse or outright addiction. The good news is that viable, effective treatment methods for meth addiction exist. The first step in treating meth addiction is detox. Providers like La Fuente Hollywood support patients during detox by providing a comfortable environment, supportive staff, and constant supervision.

The early days of meth detox can be difficult because they typically involve withdrawal symptoms like fatigue and depression. If left unchecked, early psychological symptoms can even spiral into dangerous territory such as suicidal ideation. That is why pursuing meth addiction treatment through a trusted provider is so important. Formal treatment follows detox. The three foremost approaches to tackling meth addiction are:

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT)
  • Contingency management
  • The matrix model

CBT is a therapeutic approach that prioritizes altering the patterns of thought and behavior that are at the root of someone’s addiction. CBT is a natural fit for tackling the complex emotions and struggles inherent to meth and weight loss.

Contingency management is a different therapeutic intervention that leans into a person’s intrinsic motivation through a system of rewards. Lastly, the matrix model is a comprehensive, 16-week approach that combines family counseling, a 12-step component, behavioral therapies, drug testing, and more to produce transformational outcomes.

Overcome Meth Addiction With La Fuente Hollywood

La Fuente Hollywood understands the connection between meth and weight loss in addition to other common factors that lead to drug use. Whatever your story so far, your future is in good hands at La Fuente. Learn more about how we take an individualized approach to treating meth addiction by calling 888.903.9898.