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Residential vs. Partial Hospitalization Program

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Residential treatment and partial hospitalization are two types of addiction treatment. The terms are sometimes used interchangeably. However, residential treatment and partial hospitalization are not precisely the same thing. They share many similarities yet are defined by distinct differences. It is more helpful to compare residential vs. partial hospitalization programs (PHPs) rather than pretend they tackle addiction in the same way.

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What Is Residential Addiction Treatment?

Before defining residential vs. PHP, it is worth laying out what residential treatment is on its own. First, two terms that are interchangeable are residential and inpatient. This form of treatment sees clients stay on-site at a treatment facility for a length of time that may be as short as 30 days or as long as 90 days.

Residential treatment is built on a foundation of intensive therapeutic intervention. People who attend residential treatment receive daily therapy sessions that work on addressing the emotional, behavioral, and mental components of their addiction. Most residential treatment programs offer much more than just individual and group therapy. Other offerings could include:

  • Art and music therapy
  • Yoga and exercise classes
  • Nutritional education
  • Meditation
  • Equine therapy

The high level of constant care provided by residential treatment is one of its most distinctive features. The inpatient approach to tackling addiction leverages comprehensive care in a stable, supportive environment to produce transformative outcomes. It can be especially useful in the early days of detox when withdrawal symptoms might otherwise impede recovery.

What Is PHP?

The last piece necessary before directly comparing PHP vs. residential programs is clarifying what a PHP program does. PHP programs are outpatient. That means clients access treatment at a facility during the day and return home following each treatment session. PHPs are designed to be more intensive than just regular therapy visits. Moreover, this approach is sometimes used as a step down from residential treatment for people who are not yet ready for general outpatient care.

The care and services provided by PHPs are meant to help people avoid relapse and continue making recovery progress without the necessity of a residential stay. Since this approach affords greater flexibility and freedom, it works best for people who have successfully completed detox and have a stable home life.

Residential vs. Partial Hospitalization Program

Many differences exist between residential vs. PHP. Three of the biggest factors that differentiate these programs are:

  • Residential treatment offers 24/7 care, while PHPs involve scheduled treatment sessions during the day
  • Residential treatment requires an overnight stay for a predetermined length of time, whereas PHPs allow people to remain at home during treatment
  • PHPs are typically more affordable than residential programs because they involve less intensive care

Knowing what these programs are is step one. The more important thing to consider is which type of program is right for you or a loved one who needs treatment. First, deciding on PHP vs. residential should be done in consultation with a trusted medical professional. Addiction treatment specialists who know your background can make an informed recommendation.

Nonetheless, exploring one of the biggest factors will give you insight into which program is likely to be the best fit for you. As previously mentioned, PHPs work best for people with a stable home life. If the environment outside of treatment constantly barrages someone with addiction triggers and stressors, that will impede recovery. Relapse is a threat at any time in the recovery journey. The threat is often highest in the early days of treatment. Therefore, residential care is the best option for people who need to separate from their current environment to relearn how to live without drug use.

Explore PHP vs. Residential at La Fuente Hollywood

Are you still unsure about PHP vs. residential for addressing your addiction? Let the specialists at La Fuente Hollywood support you in making the best decision that fits your lifestyle and financial situation. Call 888.903.9898 to learn more about residential vs. PHP.

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