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Healing, Strengthening, and Advancing the Lives of LGBTQ People Seeking Recovery

LGBTQ-Inclusive Residential Treatment Program

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LGBTQ-inclusive residential treatment programs occupy a growing portion of the addiction treatment field. And for good reason. LGBTQ folks struggle with addiction at rates that match, and sometimes outpace, the general population. Higher rates of addiction among the LGBTQ community are not a result of deviant behavior or personal deficiency. Instead, it is often a direct outgrowth of their marginalization and oppression. Moreover, the double stigmatization of drug use and LGBTQ identities makes treating this community more difficult. La Fuente Hollywood and other progressively-minded treatment providers are doing what is possible to correct the imbalance. Just like anyone else, people from the LGBTQ community deserve to live addiction-free.

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The Importance of LGBTQ-Inclusive Residential Treatment Programs

Many people might question why it is necessary to have an LGBTQ-inclusive residential treatment program. One common question that gets asked of professionals in the addiction treatment field is, “Doesn’t any kind of addiction treatment work for people?” Those same people are often quick to recognize that the same approach may not work for everyone.

Well, the same principle applies in providing LQBTQ-inclusive treatment. Each individual not only needs something different during treatment. But every person deserves treatment that values them as fully human. The unfortunate reality is that the healthcare industry is one sphere where folks who identify as LGBTQ have been most mistreated either because of ignorance or purposeful prejudice. LGBTQ residential treatment accommodates for the past trauma visited upon this community by providing a physically and psychologically safe space where people can be themselves, express their complete identities, and embrace holistic healing.

The Value of LGBTQ Residential Treatment for Teens

Substance use is disproportionately high among LGBTQ teens. Recent data from the National Survey on Drug Use and Health indicate rates of drug use that range from 5% to 20% higher in LGBTQ teens compared to the general population depending on the drug in question. Moreover, nearly one-third of all LGBTQ teens develop a substance use disorder by age 18. That compares to rates of less than 10% among heterosexual teens.

Again, these alarming statistics in no way reflect some lack of judgment or character on the part of LGBTQ teens. Instead, they display just how daunting it is for LGBTQ folks to grow up in a society that is resistant to seeing them as fully human. Self-medication remains a common outlet in the face of intense discrimination and stress. This further makes a case for the importance of residential treatment for LGBTQ people that is unabashedly designed with their needs and interests in mind.

How Is LGBTQ Residential Treatment Actually Different?

What really differentiates LGBTQ-inclusive residential treatment programs from traditional treatment? One of the most important factors is that this style of treatment is grounded in guidelines that come directly from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). SAMHSA has created a guidebook outlining approaches to treating addiction in the LGBTQ population. Inclusive residential treatment relies on that guidebook in crafting treatment plans.

Another factor that sets inclusive residential treatment apart is the staffing and care model. For starters, all staff are trained extensively in how to provide inclusive, respectful care. Many staff working in inclusive residential treatment programs also identify as LGBTQ. This means they can directly relate to who they are treating and are able to navigate LGBTQ issues more naturally.

Some of the key benefits of residential treatment for LGBTQ people include:

  • A safe environment to conduct detox and the early stages of recovery
  • Overnight stays away from a potentially toxic or triggering home/school life
  • Support from peers in recovery who share similar struggles
  • Access to therapy and treatment methods that value all sexual identities

LGBTQ Residential Treatment at La Fuente Hollywood

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