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Most Effective Ways to Treat Opioid Dependence

opioid addiction treatment center

Prescription and illicit opioid use are on the rise. Unfortunately, opioid and opiate use is prevalent among the LGBTQ community. Contrary to popular belief, most people who use opioids maintain a relatively normal life. The intense painkillers with euphoric effects are often used to self-medicate for mood disorders, unprocessed trauma, and chronic pain. Unfortunately, opioids can be one of the most difficult drugs to quit using without rehab. Opioid addiction treatment can reduce the risk of relapse, minimize drug cravings, and support people through every phase of addiction recovery.

If you are looking for an opioid addiction treatment center in Southern California, call La Fuente Hollywood Treatment Center today. Our LGBTQ drug and alcohol rehab center provides cutting-edge treatment and inclusive care to Hollywood. Call us now at888.903.9898 to get started with opioid addiction treatment.

What are Opioids?

Opioids are highly addictive painkillers derived from the opium poppy. When opioids enter the bloodstream, they immediately block pain receptors in the brain and release dopamine. This combination can relieve physical, emotional, and psychological pain. Unfortunately, these feelings don’t last long, leaving the brain and body wanting more opioids. The more often someone takes opioids, the faster they build a tolerance. The higher their tolerance, the more opioids they need to feel the same effects. This can quickly lead to addiction, overdose, and death.

Signs of Opioid Addiction

Frequent opioid use can cause addiction. Withdrawal symptoms, also called “dope sickness,” are the most common signs of addiction. Opioid use changes brain chemistry and can change a person’s behavior. Signs of opioid addiction include:

  • Increased alcohol consumption
  • Mood swings
  • Disturbed sleep
  • Loss of appetite
  • Weight loss
  • Acting intoxicated without drinking
  • Aggression
  • Irrational, reactionary behavior
  • Paranoia
  • Flu-like symptoms during withdrawal

While many people try opioids as young adults, regular heroin users are usually in their 30s or older. Heroin users need more heroin every 6-12 hours to avoid withdrawal symptoms.

Safe Opioid Detox and Recovery

The safest way to detox and recover from opioids is medically assisted detox. Because opioids change brain chemistry, they can be especially difficult to stop using without medication. Medically administered drugs like Suboxone and methadone can ease withdrawal symptoms and reduce opioid cravings. Drugs like these can be used in both residential and outpatient detox programs.

Dual Diagnosis is also essential in opioid detox. During detox, doctors and therapists help diagnose and treat underlying mood disorders and unprocessed trauma. This can help people understand the root cause of addiction and receive mental health treatment for holistic recovery.

Opioid Addiction Treatment in Southern California

Unfortunately, many people in the LGBTQ community do not have opioid addiction recovery support. It can be difficult to find safe, inclusive treatment. It can also be difficult to find comprehensive mental health support and treatment. At La Fuente Hollywood, we believe in providing addiction treatment and mental health services for our community. Our Southern California addiction treatment program provides a balance between cutting-edge technology and compassionate, holistic care. Our programs include:

  • Party drug addiction treatment: MDMA, cocaine, and ketamine
  • Opioid and prescription drug treatment
  • Alcohol addiction treatment
  • Inclusive group therapy
  • Family therapy
  • Alumni programs and sponsors
  • Outpatient programs

The compassionate staff at La Fuente understands addiction. Many of our staff members are in recovery and can help our clients through every stage of early detox and recovery.

Begin Opioid Addiction Treatment at La Fuente Hollywood Today

The most effective opioid treatments happen in addiction recovery centers. If you or your loved ones are trying to overcome opioid addiction at home, call La Fuente today. Don’t quit at home. Reach our staff for more information and to get started at 888.903.9898.