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Key Vitamins and Supplements for Meth Recovery

smiling young man about to take a vitamin as part of the key vitamins and supplements for meth recovery

Most people think of addiction recovery in terms of support groups and therapy. Those elements are certainly critical to any recovery journey. However, another component to overcoming addiction that often gets overlooked is nutrition. More specifically, vitamins and supplements. Drug addiction wreaks all kinds of havoc on the mind and body. Only taking care of the mind leaves the body neglected. That is why providers like La Fuente Hollywood prioritize a holistic approach that considers patients’ full physical and psychological needs. That necessarily includes supplements for meth recovery.

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How Meth Addiction Causes Nutrient Deficiencies

Addiction tends to cause various nutrient deficiencies in four ways. These are by:

  • Increasing appetite
  • Decreasing appetite
  • Encouraging empty calorie consumption
  • Inhibiting nutrient absorption

The two major culprits in relation to meth addiction are decreasing appetite and inhibiting nutrient absorption. As a stimulant, meth boosts energy levels and suppresses appetite. It also tends to reduce the amount of sleep people get while using the drug. This combination of circumstances often means people who abuse meth go long periods of time without eating or at least without eating proper meals.

Due to these meth impacts, many people addicted to meth experience dramatic weight loss and potentially even malnutrition. When it comes to inhibiting nutrient absorption, early evidence seems to indicate that long-term meth abuse disrupts the body’s ability to absorb healthy fats. Over time, this means people who struggle with meth addiction may suffer from malnutrition for two reasons. First, they are not eating enough. And second, what they do eat may not provide the nourishment it ought to.

The Best Supplements for Meth Recovery

As a result of the potentially severe physical impacts of meth, people in recovery often need supplements and vitamins. Without bolstering their nutrient intake, the recovery process may be more difficult. Without supplements for meth withdrawal, undergoing detox may be an especially fraught time.

Some of the most important vitamins for meth users are B and C vitamins. B vitamins aid the body in converting sugars into energy. That is vital as fatigue is one of the most prominent meth withdrawal symptoms. Meanwhile, C vitamins also support positive mood and energy levels. Thus, two of the best supplements for meth recovery are vitamins B and C. These are often easy to find combined in a multivitamin or readily available individually in various forms.

Other vital nutrients and vitamins for meth users include calcium, omega-3 fatty acids, and protein. Omega-3 fatty acids are shown to benefit mood problems such as depression. With depression being another common meth withdrawal symptom, a fish oil supplement is often prioritized during meth recovery.

How to Get the Nutrients You Need for Meth Recovery

Getting the nutrients, you need starts by accessing help at an addiction treatment center like La Fuente Hollywood. Taking a multivitamin and eating healthy, balanced meals even before engaging professional support doesn’t hurt. But the clinicians and nutritional experts at providers like La Fuente Hollywood can pinpoint exactly which nutrients will help you the most during recovery. They can tailor your supplements for meth withdrawal.

Something you should definitely avoid is cleansing. Many outlets promote juice cleanses or only eating certain foods during detox. In reality though, your body needs all the nutrients it can get while healing from meth addiction. Depriving it will only delay healing.

Access Meth Recovery at La Fuente

La Fuente Hollywood takes pride in viewing addiction recovery holistically. You can expect support groups, resources, and therapy just like any traditional setting would offer. In addition, we understand and prioritize your physical well-being because it makes a difference in your recovery.

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