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How to Quit Meth Safely and Effectively

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Meth is one of the most dangerous, addictive drugs in circulation today. Its potency and addictive properties make meth difficult to stop using. The body can quickly build a dependence on the drug, meaning it is unable to function normally without the drug’s presence. The best way to quit methamphetamines is often by engaging with an addiction treatment provider such as La Fuente Hollywood. Figuring out how to stop methamphetamine addiction on your own from home is unlikely to result in the healing and life transformation you seek.

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How to Quit Meth and What Happens When You Do

Prolonged meth use or addiction causes a lot of physical, mental, and lifestyle damage to the user. Perhaps more than any other drug, meth use wears itself on the user’s sleeve. Oral decay and skin lesions are both common to meth abuse. Not to mention the emotional and psychological problems that stem from meth addiction.

Addiction treatment providers like La Fuente Hollywood prioritize individualized care to help people overcome meth addiction. The first step for how to quit meth is detox. Detox is the process of helping someone stop drug use either through tapering or by quitting cold turkey with supports and backstops in place to support mental and physical health.

Stopping meth usage often causes withdrawal symptoms. As a stimulant, meth increases energy levels and floods the brain with endorphins. During withdrawal, the opposite effects typically set in as the body is deprived of a substance it has become accustomed to. Thus, severe fatigue, depression, and lethargy are common to meth withdrawal.

Beyond tiredness, meth withdrawal rarely involves physical symptoms. Instead, the biggest danger is the psychological turmoil that follows stopping meth use. For some people, this results in suicidal ideation. This is another reason that trying to quit meth use without dedicated support and oversight is a bad idea.

The Best Way to Quit Methamphetamines

How to quit using meth boils down to five options. Some of them may be combined depending on the circumstances. These are:

  1. Cold turkey
  2. Tapering
  3. At home
  4. Detox center
  5. Rehab

Cold turkey is often what most people think of when they imagine trying to stop their addiction to meth. First, the psychological difficulties of quitting meth can put people in danger. Second, the cold turkey approach is shown to be unsuccessful more often than not. Tapering is the process of using less and less of a drug over a period of time to allow the body to adjust. This method is an improvement over the cold turkey approach as it involves less severe withdrawal symptoms.

At home simply refers to any process of quitting meth where someone tries to do it by themselves at home. While it may not cost any money, the success rate of quitting at home is very low. The two best options for how to quit meth are through a detox center or rehab. First, a detox center specializes in detox. All their services are geared toward assisting people through those early, difficult days as they adjust and learn to live without drug use. However, detox centers rarely provide long-term services. Once detox is complete, patients must find another provider to engage in long-term treatment.

The best way to quit methamphetamines is, more often than not, by attending a meth rehab program. Rehab centers are well-rounded options. Not only do they help people through detox, but they also extend services past detox to ensure recovery is lasting. Patients attending meth rehab can expect therapy, support groups, and other lifestyle services meant to support sobriety and healthy living in ways that safeguard against relapse.

Find Meth Help at La Fuente Hollywood

La Fuente Hollywood knows that life beyond meth addiction is achievable. We understand that figuring out how to quit using meth is daunting. That’s why you don’t have to do it alone. Our expert clinicians are ready to assist you in turning your life around.

Contact 888.903.9898 to find out how La Fuente Hollywood will partner with you in overcoming addiction.

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