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10 Tips To Avoid Valentine’s Day Depression– #4 Will Really Surprise You

10 Tips To Avoid Valentine’s Day Depression– #4 Will Really Surprise You

Ah, Valentine’s Day. The layers of assorted chocolates. The cheesy ballads. The candlelit dinners. For couples, February 14th is a holiday dedicated to fawning over each other, giving gifts, and general swooning. That’s all well and good, but it can make singletons feel left out, lonely, and even depressed. So, in honor of Valentine’s Day, we’ve got 10 tips to help you avoid Valentine’s Day depression.

1. Remember It’s Only A Day

A calendar with a red circle around '14' and a heart.
No matter how bad you’re feeling on V-Day, just remember it only lasts 24 hours.

Around this time of year the florist looks like it’s been replaced by a rose bush, every radio station is playing cheesy ballads on repeat, and websites have flash sales for last-minute “Valentine’s Day essentials.” It’s great when you have someone special to share it with, but when you’re single, it can feel like everyone is celebrating without you. 

All of the Valentine’s Day cheer may seem overwhelming, but remember that just like other holidays, Valentine’s Day only lasts 24 hours. Come February 15th, all of those flowers, balloons, and cards will probably end up in the trash somewhere. 

So if you’re feeling down, focus on making it through the day and remind yourself that it’ll soon be over. 

2. Feel Your Emotions

A man surrounded by red decorations sitting on a couch with his hand covering his eyes.
Not matter what you’re feeling, know that it’s valuable.

Whether you’re feeling sad, lonely, angry, or bored on Valentine’s Day, just feel it. These feelings may make you uncomfortable, but trust that they’re valuable and will eventually serve a purpose. 

It may feel like you have a tornado inside of your head, but recognize that these emotions are trying to tell you something. It may not be clear what that is right away, but looking back you’ll come to appreciate the lessons tough times teach you.  

So have a good cry, reach out to single friends or family members, journal, or punch a pillow. Do whatever you need to do to weather the storm and trust that you’ll come out the other side stronger than before.

3. Take A Day Off Of Social Media

A cell phone with an orange sticky note saying 'Don't Touch.'
Putting your phone away will help you feel less stressed on Valentine’s Day.

The ‘gram is tempting, no doubt about that, but Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to take a social media break. Trust us when we say that stalking your ex or seeing picture after picture tagged with #CoupleGoals will only leave you feeling worse. 

4. Remember That V-Day Isn’t Necessarily Better With A Partner

A woman facing away from the camera with her legs up on a table drinking red wine and looking at a bouquet of red roses.
You can still have a great Valentine’s Day, even if you’re spending it alone.

It’s easy to think that couples are better off than you, especially on Valentine’s Day. After all, it’s human nature to think the grass is always greener. But it’s important to remember that being single is “no better nor no worse than being in a couple.”

Also, keep in mind that partnered folks have their own pressures and anxieties to deal with on Valentine’s Day. If you’re single, you get to be selfish and put your own needs first. 

5. Connect With Loved Ones

A man sitting on a couch talking on the phone.
Make sure to check in with all your loved ones on Valentine’s Day.

Romantic love gets all the attention on Valentine’s Day and pretty much excludes whoever’s single. But it doesn’t have to be like that. In addition to being romantic, love can be platonic or familial. 

So if you’re single, why not celebrate all the forms of love in your life by connecting with your kids, your parents, or your friends? Schedule a video call, send flowers to your mom, or mail a card to your bestie. Get creative and show all your loved ones that you’re thinking of them. 

6. Practice Self-Care

A woman laying in a bubble bath surrounded by rose petals.
Treat yourself this Valentine’s Day.

While couples are busy buying last-minute greeting cards, chocolates, and flowers, singletons get to sit back and relax on Valentine’s Day. With everyone’s attention elsewhere, Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to indulge in some guilt-free self-care

Take a bubble bath, read your favorite novel, binge that Netflix show you’ve been meaning to watch. Really, the possibilities are endless. And who knows, you might be so blissed out that you forget you were ever sad in the first place.

7. Support A Charity

A close up of a female hands holding a phone.
Giving to those less fortunate is a great way to lessen your Valentine’s Day depression.

It’s easy to feel down on Valentine’s Day (and completely understandable), but instead of feeling like a charity case, why not help out a charity? 

Volunteering can help you get out of your own head and realize that there are plenty of things worse than not having someone to kiss on V-Day. Take the energy you would have spent feeling sorry for yourself and use it to help someone less fortunate than you. 

Pledge money to a cause you support, donate food or clothing to a local organization, tutor kids online, or run errands for an elderly person.

8. Pledge Self-Respect

A man wearing a white shirt covering his heart with his hands.
Respect yourself and your feelings this Valentine’s Day.

With all of the emotions flying around on Valentine’s Day, it’s easy to act irrationally and do things that will harm your emotional and mental health. This Valentine’s Day, pledge to avoid making impulsive decisions in order to feel better. 

That means respecting other people’s feelings the same way you’d like yours to be respected. Delete your ex’s number from your phone (finally), don’t bother the booty call who keeps blowing you off, and say goodbye to that crush who’s been giving you the runaround for months.

9. Treat Yourself

A man facing away from the camera, sitting and opening a package.
Practice a little retail therapy by splurging on something you’ve had your eye on.

Valentine’s Day can be expensive—don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. From the fancy dinner to the jewelry and the flowers, the holiday can feel less like a love fest and more like a cash grab. 

It’s a bummer for twosomes, but great news for all the singletons. Use the money you would have spent on a partner to treat yourself to takeout from your favorite restaurant, those jeans that are just a bit too pricey, or that new phone you’ve been eyeing. Indulge in whatever makes you happy and remember that you deserve it. 

10. Avoid Using Drugs And Alcohol To Ease Your Valentine’s Day Depression

A close up of male hands pushing away drugs.
Take our word for it–drugs and alcohol won’t help your Valentine’s Day depression.

When you’re feeling down and alone, it’s natural to want to make yourself feel better. But using  drugs and/or alcohol to self-soothe isn’t a healthy way to go about it.

Alcohol and drugs may provide some short-term relief, but they also come with longer-term consequences like liver damage, heart disease, and dependence. What’s more, they may get in the way of your ability to process your emotions naturally. 

Valentine’s Day At La Fuente Hollywood Treatment Center

We understand that you probably have a lot of feelings when it comes to Valentine’s Day. If one of those feelings is Valentine’s Day depression and you’re turning to drugs and alcohol to make yourself feel better, consider reaching out to us. 

We’re an LGBTQ-affirming addiction treatment center located in Los Angeles and we want to help you have a happy Valentine’s Day and life free from substance abuse. 

If you’re interested in learning more about our substance abuse treatment located in Los Angeles, California, fill out the contact form below and a member of our staff will reach out to you in 24 hours or less. 

Last, but not least, Manny and the La Fuente team want to wish you a happy Valentine’s Day. We hope you’re able to treat yourself, love yourself, and enjoy the holiday. 

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