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Alcohol Addiction Rehab Options in Hollywood, California

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Alcohol addiction is one of our country’s leading addictions. Many consider alcohol harmless because it is legal. Unfortunately, alcohol is just as addictive as prescription drugs, party drugs, and methamphetamines. Other substance abuse problems often overshadow alcohol addiction. This can lead people to hide their addiction. Many people struggling with alcohol addiction don’t know where to go for help. Today, however, centers across the country and right here in Hollywood, California, can offer inpatient and outpatient support for alcohol addiction rehab.

If you or a loved one in the LGBTQ community is struggling with alcohol addiction, La Fuente Hollywood Treatment Center can help. Our inclusive Southern California detox center works with patients to reclaim their lives. Call us at 888.903.9898 to start addiction treatment today.

Do I Have an Alcohol Addiction?

Because alcohol is legal and socially acceptable, it might be hard to spot signs of alcohol addiction. In Southern California, we pride ourselves on robust social lives, often including social drinking. Knowing the difference between social drinking and alcohol dependency may not always be clear. Alcohol addiction occurs when a person’s brain and body become dependent on alcohol. Dependency causes withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms are not the same as generic hangover symptoms.

Signs of alcohol addiction include:

  • Alcohol cravings
  • An increasingly high tolerance
  • Withdrawal symptoms
  • Not having the willpower to stop drinking

Withdrawal symptoms often include:

  • Depression
  • Irritability and mood swings
  • Nightmares and insomnia
  • Physical tremors
  • Excessive sweating without exercise

Alcohol works as a depressant, dampening different functions of the body. This often leads to depression, harmful changes in sleep, as well as intense mood swings. Physical effects can continue to develop when alcohol damages the liver and other internal organs.

Alcohol Detox Treatment

The first step in alcohol recovery is detox. Detox programs around the country can last 30, 60, or 90 days. Some are inpatient programs in which residents live at a detox facility. Outpatient programs require clients to spend several hours a day in rehab and return home at night. Both types of programs can help clients regain control of their lives, recognize addiction triggers, and safely detox from alcohol.

Alcohol detox programs can help minimize withdrawal symptoms and prevent health complications. Often when people attempt to detox at home, they relapse. Relapse increases the risk of alcohol poisoning and death.

Finding an Alcohol Detox Program Near Me

There are thousands of rehab facilities across California. Many of the best alcohol detox programs are right here in Southern California. When looking for a detox program, consider cost, location, and a program’s specialty. Some programs offer women’s or men’s only rehab. Many offer LGBTQ-friendly services. Others focus on faith-based approaches. While programs vary, a good alcohol recovery program uses medically assisted detox and psychiatric support.

If you’re looking for an alcohol addiction treatment program in Southern California, begin by checking local state and government websites. These resources can provide information on state-funded and independently funded clinics. Individual clinics can help you navigate private insurance and Medicaid questions. Ask your doctor, local addiction therapists, and local AA groups for recommendations. Never trust a program without reputable clinical staff and therapy programs.

Begin Your Alcohol Detox Journey Today at La Fuente

Unfortunately, alcoholism is increasingly common in the LGBTQ community. If you or a loved one in the community is struggling with alcohol, the staff at La Fuente can help. Our Hollywood, CA drug and alcohol detox center serves the LGBTQ community across Southern California. Our staff knows the ins and outs of addiction treatment and alcohol’s impact on the LGBTQ community. If you’re ready for a detox program rooted in cutting-edge addiction treatment and psychiatric therapy, call us at 888.903.9898 to get started today!

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