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Healing, Strengthening, and Advancing the Lives of LGBTQ People Seeking Recovery

Why are Rehab Alumni Programs Important?

group talking in rehab alumni program

Successful addiction recovery takes a strong community committed to sobriety. No matter the stage of addiction recovery, a support system is vital to staying sober from day to day. For some people, family and sober friends provide support throughout the early stages of recovery and later in life. However, many people in the LGBTQ community may lack robust support systems focused on sobriety. Family conflict and the prevalence of drug and alcohol use in the community can make LGBTQ people feel alone in their recovery. Unfortunately, this can lead to relapse and other drug-seeking behavior. Finding the right support in the LGBTQ community can make a world of difference. Inclusive alumni programs can reduce relapse, foster community, and reduce daily stress.

If you or someone you love in the LGBTQ community needs addiction recovery support, call La Fuente Hollywood Treatment Center today. Our cutting-edge programs pair traditional and alternative therapy with community-centered detox and recovery. Reach us today at 888.903.9898 to learn more about our rehab alumni program in Hollywood, California.

What Is an Alumni Program?

Just like schools have alumni programs, addiction recovery centers do too. Rehab alumni programs group together people who have successfully completed early addiction treatment. Both residential and outpatient programs extend care to clients beyond initial rehab through alumni programs. Some features of alumni programs include:

  • Sober alumni events
  • 12-step meetings
  • Accountability partners
  • Post-rehab planning
  • One-on-one support

Alumni programs are an easy way for people to build sober communities. For outpatient programs, alumni programs can help clients connect with other people in the local community who prioritize a sober life. For inpatient programs, rehab centers can help pair clients with suitable alumni groups in the city where they live.

What are the Benefits of an Alumni Program?

No matter how long someone has been in addiction recovery, an alumni program can help. If you’re interested in alumni programs but not sure if they are right for you, consider:

  • Do your old social circles support sobriety?
  • Do you struggle with daily stress?
  • Do you have family, friends, roommates, and loved ones supporting your sobriety?
  • Are you looking for new social groups?
  • Do you feel alone in your recovery?
  • Do you need extended addiction support?
  • Are you transitioning from one type of rehab to another?
  • Are you living in a new community?
  • Are you worried you can’t stay sober alone?

Just like school alumni programs, rehab alumni programs remind members how far they’ve come. This feeling alone is a major benefit of alumni programs. While family, friends, and old social circles may not understand what it takes to achieve and maintain sobriety, everyone in an alumni program does. This camaraderie can remind people in alumni programs their sobriety goals are manageable and attainable. Regular, frequent support from an alumni group can help people establish routines, move, transition through rehab programs, and feel more prepared for daily life. Alumni groups increase communication and reduce fear of relapse.

Find Your Support Network With Rehab Alumni Programs in Southern California

Transitioning from rehab to home life can be overwhelming. Unfortunately, this transition can be especially difficult in the LGBTQ community. If you or someone you love in the community needs help, call La Fuente today! Our Hollywood CA clinic provides inpatient and outpatient programs for the LGBTQ community. At La Fuente, we believe the community is stronger together. That’s why our traditional and alternative treatment programs focus on individual and group healing. With services ranging from cognitive-behavioral therapy to yoga therapy, our intimate clinic can help you or your loved one reach and maintain sobriety.

Call La Fuente Hollywood Treatment Center Today to Get Started

If you’re reading to learn more about the power of La Fuente’s alumni programs, reach our staff today at 888.903.9898 or visit us online for more information.

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