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What is a Party Drug?

A group of party goers who can answer, "What is a party drug?"

Party drugs are common across the United States as well as in Southern California. Drugs taken at festivals, raves, clubs, and parties are often considered “party drugs.” Unfortunately, part drugs disproportionately affect the LGBTQ community because bars, raves, and festivals are often safe community spaces. Drugs like ecstasy and molly can heighten physical sensation and pleasure. For many, using party drugs can lead to self-medicating for mental health issues, unprocessed trauma, and often lead to addiction. Luckily, there are safe rehab centers here in California to help people in the community recover.

If you or someone you love in the LGBTQ community is struggling with party drugs, La Fuente Hollywood provides comprehensive LGBTQ party drug rehab at our center in California. With residential and outpatient treatment options in Southern California, we have the support system you need. Call us now at 888.903.9898 to learn more about our party drug rehab programs.

What Is a Party Drug?

Party drugs are defined loosely as synthetic substances used in social situations. Most party drugs are stimulants, or stimulants combined with depressants to cause various effects. These drugs increase sensation, heart rate, and other functions, speeding up the body’s processing speed. MDMA, Ketamine, and GHB are the most commonly used party drugs. Often combined with alcohol, the high from these drugs often enhances raves, clubs, and festivals, creating euphoric experiences. The most common party drugs are:

  • MDMA also called Molly and Ecstasy provides a quick rush of dopamine and serotonin to the brain.
  • Ketamine, a medical-grade anesthetic, causes euphoria and out-of-body experiences.
  • GHB is a sedative often made in home labs that increases libido and causes hallucinations.

Frequently, these drugs have cute code names that reference sweets and candies. These names can make party drugs seem fun and harmless when in reality they can lead to overdose, substance abuse, and addiction.

How Harmful are Party Drugs?

Unfortunately, party drugs are very popular in Southern California. Major festivals and the popularity of raves, clubs, and LGBTQ celebrations make party drugs a common part of many social situations. Party drug abuse can start as a social addiction. GHB is popular in gay men’s culture, frequently taken with meth for heightened sexual experiences. MDMA and Ketamine are common and easy to get at raves and clubs. Cocaine and meth are also still major drugs in the club scene that can have adverse health effects and lead to addiction.

In many social situations, it’s hard to turn down these drugs. It may be equally hard to find a vibrant social scene without drug use, making many feel they need to take part in drug culture to find a place within the LGBTQ community. While different party drugs cause different effects they all provide a euphoric escape from reality. This escape is often used as self-soothing and self-medicating for mental health and unresolved trauma. Because the LGBTQ community often has less access to mental health resources, self-medicating is increasingly common.

While some people may use party drugs socially, others develop addiction quickly. Unfortunately, party drugs are often laced with other drugs and harmful substances that can lead to addiction, overdose, and death.

Party Drug Rehab in Southern California

There are drug-free social circles in the LGBTQ community. If you or someone you know in the LGBTQ community is struggling with party drugs, La Fuente Hollywood Treatment Center can help.  Our intimate Hollywood clinic provides residential and outpatient party drug rehab that works. Many of our staff members are in recovery and understand the recovery process first-hand.

Our compassionate staff provides insight and tools for a sober social life right here in Southern California. With medically assisted detox, dual diagnosis, and various evidence-based therapies our multi-levels of care can provide you and your loved ones with the support you need to recover.

Call Today to Learn More About Party Drug Rehab in California

We know the LGBTQ community is stronger when we heal together. With cutting-edge tools for addiction treatment, our clients experience safe, inclusive, and life-changing rehab. Call us at 888.903.9898 to learn more about our treatments for party drugs and let La Fuente help you recover today.

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