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Partial Hospitalization Program vs. Intensive Outpatient Program

A group of people debating PHP vs. IOP treatment.

Choosing the right drug or alcohol treatment program isn’t easy. For those in the LGBTQ community struggling with addiction, it can be difficult to find a safe, inclusive treatment program without leaving home. This might lead to self-medicating, hiding substance abuse, or normalizing addiction. Luckily, today there is an increase in LGBTQ-focused treatment programs. Do you know the difference between PHP vs. IOP treatment programs? Understanding the differences between partial hospitalization vs. intensive outpatient programs can help people understand the benefits of outpatient treatment and find the right program for their needs.

Are you looking for a partial hospitalization program in California? At La Fuente Hollywood Treatment Center, we work with leading-edge rehab tools and psychiatric support for the LGBTQ community. With PHP and IPO options, our team is ready to help you recover without compromising your schedule. Call us now at 844.956.3514 to learn more about our treatment programs.

What Is Partial Hospitalization Addiction Treatment?

Partial hospitalization programs or PHPs, are the most restrictive level of outpatient rehab. Considered one step down from residential treatment, PHP clients spend several hours a day in treatment, then return home at night to sleep. PHPs treat both mental health disorders and addiction. A typical day in partial hospitalization includes group therapy, coping strategies, skill-building, and individual therapy. Clients undergo weekly progress evaluations and meet with clinicians to develop relapse prevention plans.

The federal government sets parameters for partial hospitalization program requirements. This provides a standard level of care and expectations for clinics across the United States. This can also help more clients seek the treatment they need with support from their health insurance provider.

Choosing Partial Hospitalization vs Intensive Outpatient Programs

Partial hospitalization programs are often confused with intensive outpatient programs. Also called IOPs, intensive outpatient treatment provides a mid-level of care. This means they provide the same services with fewer clinic hours each week. Partial hospitalization requires clients to attend rehab at least four hours a day, five days a week. IPOs require fewer hours and are now often available via telehealth or evening sessions. This makes IOPs more accessible than PHPs while providing less clinical support. For some, flexibility can help them maintain work, school, or home life. For others, however, flexibility can lead to triggers and relapse.

Outpatient treatment programs aren’t right for everyone. PHP and IOPs are ideal for those with stable home lives. They are also a superb choice for clients who have finished a residential treatment program. Often used for step-down treatment, PHPs, and IOPs can help clients adjust to sober life at home with clinic support.

Find an LBGTQ Partial Hospitalization Program in California Today

Unfortunately, the LGBTQ community is disproportionately affected by addiction and has less access to safe treatment and mental healthcare. This can lead many to attempt quitting substances cold turkey, which can lead to relapse, overdose, and death. If you are someone you love in the LGBTQ community is ready to learn more about PHP vs. IOP, our team is ready to help.

Our inclusive Southern California clinic treats clients struggling with alcohol, party drugs, prescription drugs, and other addictions alongside mental health treatment for holistic healing. With a range of treatment options from PHP and IOP to residential detox and sober living homes, our team is ready to help you through every stage of recovery. We use individual and group therapy to build a stronger LGBTQ community. Our compassionate staff understands addiction recovery firsthand, providing unique expertise to our programs.

Learn More About the Benefits of PHP Treatment in California

At La Fuente, we believe the LGBTQ community is stronger together. If you’re ready to learn more about treatment options, call us now at 844.956.3514 to speak to our staff.