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Healing, Strengthening, and Advancing the Lives of LGBTQ People Seeking Recovery

A fountain of hope and recovery in the heart of Hollywood, CA

Published on March 25th,2015 By

Manny Rodriguez, the Executive Director of La Fuente Hollywood Treatment Center, a treatment center for men and women in the heart of Hollywood, California joins Entrepreneurial Fit Radio. This episode of Entrepreneurial Fit Radio is in association with eLosAngeles (Greater Los Angeles Entrepreneurs). Listen to interview with host Eric Dye & guest Manny Rodriguez discuss the following:

  • For the benefit of our listeners, please give us an overview about La Fuente Hollywood Treatment Center?
  • What inspired you to launch La Fuente?
  • In terms of treatment and working with guests or patients, what are some of the features that distinguish La Fuente from other drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers?
  • Share with us some examples of successful patient outcomes, thanks to La Fuente’s personalized approach to treatment.
  • What are your long-term plans for La Fuente?

Duration: 15:22 Manny Rodriguez is the executive director of La Fuente Hollywood Treatment Center, a treatment center for men and women in the heart of Hollywood, California, that offers an integrated approach to overcoming drug and alcohol addiction through clinical therapy, 12-step involvement, nutrition, fitness and community support. La Fuente Treatment Center’s multi-level treatment program aims to promote recovery at the earliest point possible in the addiction cycle. Our philosophy recognizes the need to treat the whole individual, and to involve peers and the constructed family so that each resident has the opportunity to build a network of support to last a lifetime. The Center’s origin evolved from the La Fuente Sober Community, which has earned an enduring reputation for successfully supporting those with addiction through the transition from treatment to community living since 2005. With frequent staff/client and client/peer engagement, the addition of La Fuente Treatment Center expands the reach and scope of services while maintaining La Fuente’s recognized values of quality and affordability. Our clean, comfortable facility reflects the pride and self-confidence we work to instill in each of our residents. [button color=”green” size=”small” align=”center” link=””]Listen to the Podcast[/button]

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