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Healing, Strengthening, and Advancing the Lives of LGBTQ People Seeking Recovery

Addicts Learning to Rebuild Life After Rehab

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Making the decision to seek help for substance abuse or dependency is an important but difficult first step. However, as you move through the process of detox and then inpatient rehab, followed by outpatient rehab, you are given the tools to cope with triggers, manage emotions, and change behavior. The goal of recovery is to emerge from rehab into a life of sobriety.

Life after rehab is not effortless, and rebuilding your life after rehab is challenging. This transition requires making changes to how you lived your life previously, avoiding people, places, and things associated with your prior substance abuse, and maintaining strict accountability. An aftercare or alumni program can also help with this transition to living independently.

While there is no guidebook called “How to Prepare for Life After Rehab,” there are several proven and effective strategies that can increase your chances of maintaining recovery. Reach out to La Fuente Hollywood at 844.956.3514 or contact us online to learn more.

Your Home as a Haven After Rehab

It is essential that your home environment offer support and be free of temptations. It must be a haven that you can reliably return to each night. This may mean you may have to make some drastic changes.

For example, if your home or apartment is heavily associated with your former addictive behavior, you may need to consider an entirely new residence that can serve as a new beginning.

If your current neighborhood contains triggers, such as a bar down the street that you used to visit every day, you might have to change how you move through your neighborhood and avoid any locations that could spur a relapse.

Finally, those living with you must be a source of support–if a person you live with is still using and abusing addictive substances, you cannot stay there and expect to be successful in recovery.

Have a Plan for Living Sober

While you can control many aspects of your home environment, including its location, you cannot control everything outside the home. However, you can take some practical steps to maximize your recovery and avoid relapse. Some of these steps include:

Get Rid of Toxic People

This includes friends or family members who still abuse addictive substances or actively undermine your efforts.

Repair Relationships

There are people you undoubtedly wronged while caught in the cycle of addiction. Do everything you can to fix these relationships, including replacing any items you might have damaged or stolen. This is a tremendous source of personal healing and may well gain you some of the most supportive people in your life.

Set Goals

It is imperative that you have structure and goals, even if you are exiting rehab without a job and without much support. These can be simple things like:

  • Apply for a certain number of jobs per day
  • Maintain regular personal hygiene
  • Eat meals at a set time
  • Exercise daily
  • Practice techniques and skills learned in rehab
  • Set a cleaning schedule for your home and stick to it
  • Attend support group meetings such as AA, NA, or other 12-step programs

Having a number of goals each day, even small ones, will give you structure and accountability. It also promotes a sense of accomplishment when you cross a goal off your list for the day.

Let La Fuente Help You Live Your Best Life After Rehab

La Fuente Hollywood is committed to your recovery, not just during treatment but also after rehab. We believe strongly in community, and our extensive alumni network forms a web of support for those transitioning out of rehab.

If you or a loved one is struggling with maintaining a life of recovery and avoiding relapse, call La Fuente at 844.956.3514. We are ready to help you live your best life!

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