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5 Benefits of Residential Addiction Treatment

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Residential treatment is often referred to as inpatient treatment. In either case, what that means is that a client accesses an addiction treatment facility for treatment and stays on-site for the duration of treatment. Most inpatient addiction treatment begins at 30 days. Some programs extend to 90 days or even longer, depending on an individual’s needs. Residential treatment provides an intense, comprehensive level of care. This makes it the preferred approach for people with severe addiction or who do not have a safe, stable home life.

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What Is Residential Addiction Treatment?

The clearest distinction between residential addiction treatment and other approaches is the overnight stay. People attending residential treatment receive around-the-clock care and monitoring because they remain on-site throughout treatment.

One misconception people carry about residential treatment is that people are forced to stay for the duration of treatment. In reality, people who enter residential addiction treatment can leave at any time. Nothing is forcing them to stay. Nonetheless, people who experience a full round of treatment display much better outcomes than people who leave treatment early.

Residential treatment does not entirely separate people from their life outside of treatment. Certainly, addiction treatment eliminates many of the stressors and triggers that influence a person’s addiction. Yet family involvement is often a critical component in the healing journey.

One of the most significant benefits of residential addiction treatment is that it provides stability for people in recovery. It offers a reset and a clear path to getting sober in a structured, safe, supportive environment. Treatment plans are uniquely crafted to meet each person’s needs and ensure they receive the care and resources they need to overcome addiction. Therapy is the core of any quality treatment plan. A few of the most common therapies used in residential addiction treatment include:

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Dialectical behavior therapy
  • Contingency management
  • Motivational interviewing
  • 12-step facilitation

Benefits of Residential Addiction Treatment

Residential addiction treatment is one of the best methods for overcoming severe addiction. Explore five benefits of inpatient treatment below.

1. Support During Withdrawal

The first step in addiction treatment is detox. For many people, detox is difficult because it involves withdrawal symptoms. These can be hard to manage and are one of the biggest hurdles people must overcome in the early days of treatment. Residential addiction treatment benefits people by guiding them through every challenging hour as they face withdrawal. They also receive medical monitoring 24/7 to safeguard against potentially dangerous withdrawal symptoms.

2. Better Detox Success

This second benefit builds directly atop the previous one. The support offered through a residential program means people complete detox successfully at higher rates. The rest of addiction treatment depends on detox, so this benefit is a crucial factor that differentiates the inpatient approach.

3. Staff and Peer Support

Inpatient treatment surrounds people with a network of supportive staff. Another benefit of residential addiction treatment is that clients can build positive peer relationships with others in recovery.

4. Structure and Supervision

This inpatient residential benefit connects to the value of staff and peer support. The team provides supervision, helping people stay sober and connecting them to the resources they need to heal. Structure is another key to a positive recovery. Many people who struggle with addiction lack healthy structure in their lives and need help relearning healthy habits. Structure aids with that.

5. Limited Distractions

Another of the best benefits of inpatient treatment is how it limits distractions. Attending a residential program allows for a laser focus on recovery. Distractions from work, life, or family responsibilities are temporarily taken off the table.

Discover Residential Addiction Treatment Benefits at La Fuente Hollywood

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