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5 Benefits Ketamine Addiction Rehab

Person being comforted by other people as they experience the benefits of ketamine addiction rehab

Ketamine is an increasingly popular synthetic opioid. Unfortunately, like most drugs, ketamine disproportionately affects the LGBTQ community. Many people in the community use ketamine to self-soothe mental health issues and unprocessed trauma related to bigotry and traumatic events. Ketamine can be highly addictive and hard to stop taking with professional help. Luckily, today there are ketamine rehab programs designed for safe and inclusive treatment.

If you or someone you love in the LGBTQ community needs ketamine addiction treatment in Hollywood, California, we can help. La Fuente Hollywood Treatment Center works on the cutting edge of evidence-based and alternative drug and alcohol treatment in Southern California. Our ketamine addiction rehab has the tools you need to recover in a community you can trust. Call La Fuente now at 888.903.9898 to learn more about ketamine rehab benefits at our center in California.

What Is Ketamine?

Ketamine is a powerful synthetic sedative and pain reliever. Used in hospitals for decades, ketamine is now a popular recreational drug. Unfortunately, because ketamine numbs physical, emotional, and psychological pain, it’s often used for self-medicating and self-soothing. As a sedative, ketamine slows down every system in the body, which can be dangerous and lead to or worsen depression. Ketamine withdrawal can lead to unstable mood and erratic behavior, often resulting in someone using more ketamine.

Like other synthetic opioids, ketamine changes a person’s brain chemistry and can be challenging to stop taking without medically-assisted detox. The more often someone smokes, injects, or ingests ketamine, the less they will feel its effects. This is called tolerance. The more a person’s tolerance increases, the more likely they are to develop a ketamine addiction.

5 Benefits of Ketamine Addiction Rehab

When the brain becomes reliant on ketamine for specific chemical processes, a person will develop withdrawal symptoms when the drug leaves their system. Withdrawal can be complicated to endure without help. Unfortunately, for those in the LGBTQ community, reaching out for help or staying sober at community events isn’t always easy. Quitting ketamine cold turkey can lead to relapse, other drug use, and overdose. Relying on the benefits of ketamine treatment at a rehab center is the safest, most effective way to prevent ketamine-related death. Ketamine rehab benefits include:

  1. Dual diagnosis for mental health disorders and unprocessed trauma
  2. Sober community through group therapy and alumni support groups
  3. Healthy coping mechanisms for stress and significant life changes
  4. A greater understanding of self
  5. Relapse prevention planning and support

Both residential and outpatient treatment options provide clients with medically-assisted treatment to slowly ween the brain off ketamine. In combination with behavioral and alternative therapies, clients understand the root cause of ketamine use and addiction to create lasting change in their lives. A combination of medically-assisted detox and psychological support can reduce cravings, help monitor someone for adverse health effects, and keep someone engaged and thriving in a recovery program.

Ketamine Rehab Benefits the LGBTQ Community

Today at least half of people struggling with substance abuse also live with co-occurring disorders. For those in the LGBTQ community, finding support for mental health and ketamine abuse isn’t always easy.

At La Fuente Hollywood Treatment Center, our dual diagnosis treatment programs provide residential, outpatient, and sober living homes that help the community thrive together.
If you or someone you love is looking for cutting-edge ketamine addiction treatment, La Fuente’s compassionate staff is here to help. With staff members in recovery themselves, our team understands recovery every step of the way. From medically assisted detox to aftercare planning, the benefits of ketamine treatment for the LGBTQ community are offered to help you thrive.

Experience the Benefits of Ketamine Addiction Rehab in California at La Fuente Hollywood Treatment Center

Contact La Fuente now at 888.903.9898 to learn more about the benefits of ketamine addiction rehab and more about our ketamine treatment in California.

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