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Opioid Detox Program

Healing, Strengthening, and Advancing the Lives of LGBTQ People Seeking Recovery

Opioid addiction is a growing problem throughout the United States. Unfortunately, opioid and other prescription drug addictions are prevalent in the LGBTQ community. Opioids are relatively easy to access, and many self-medicate with opioids and other prescription drugs. Finding safe detox and rehab facilities may be a challenge for those in the LGBTQ community. Users often hide opioid and heroin abuse from family and loved ones. Many can maintain a relatively normal life. Eventually, opioid dependency affects physical and psychological health. Some users may attempt to detox or stop using opioids cold turkey. This often leads to relapse or other drug use. Today, there are safe and friendly LGBTQ drug and alcohol detox centers to help community members recover from opioid addiction.

If you or someone you know in the LGBTQ community needs support for drug or alcohol detox, call La Fuente Hollywood Treatment Center for cutting-edge detox and mental health support. Start recovery today by calling us at 888.903.9898.

Signs of Opiate Addictiona man comforts another man during an lgbtq opioid detox program in southern california

Opiates are a common ingredient in prescription painkillers. They affect pain receptors in the brain, stopping the sensations of physical discomfort. They also numb the emotional and psychological pain. This makes them very popular drugs for self-medication. Many people in the LGBTQ community may self-medicate to deal with social stresses. This might include prejudice, bigotry, or family stress. Because prescription painkillers and other opioids are relatively easy to get, a person may take opioids for a long time before loved ones notice. There are, however, common signs of opiate addiction. These signs may include:

  • Mood swings
  • Increased alcohol consumption
  • Insomnia
  • Low appetite
  • Weight loss
  • Acting intoxicated
  • Aggression
  • Paranoia
  • Nausea and vomiting during withdrawal

Opiates cause changes in behavior like any other addiction. Users may lie or manipulate loved ones and engage in other drug-seeking behavior. Over time, the brain builds a tolerance to opiates. This means higher doses are needed for the same effect. This may lead someone to drink while taking prescription painkillers for a stronger effect. It may also lead to heroin use.

What to Expect From Our Opioid Detox

Withdrawal is the first stage of opioid detox. During withdrawal, one may experience changes in mood, physical sensations, and behavior. This is often the most challenging stage of detox. As opioids leave the body, users frequently relapse or look for other drugs. Our detox for opioid abuse often uses medication to help wean clients off of prescription drugs or heroin. Doctors and nurses administer medications like methadone to help mitigate withdrawal symptoms and prevent health problems. Some detox programs only last a few weeks, while others that address persistent withdrawal symptoms can last several months. LGBTQ detox and rehab programs offer individuals and the community a safe space for detox and rehabilitation.

Through La Fuente’s medically assisted detox, users can gain back control of their lives and build solidarity with other people in recovery. At La Fuente, we focus on individual healing and healing for the LGBTQ community as a whole. Our program supports post-recovery with an alumni program to keep sobriety a priority.

Begin Opioid Detox Today at La Fuente Hollywood Treatment Center!

Opioid addiction is common. If you or someone you love is struggling with opioids, heroin, or prescription drugs, know you are not alone. For opioid detox and rehabilitation support in Southern California, call La Fuente Today. Our LGBTQ drug and alcohol detox center serves the community across Southern California with detox, rehab, and mental health treatments. Our programs include:

  • Alcohol and drug detox
  • Rehab for MDMA, ketamine, and other party drugs
  • Opioid detox and recovery
  • Individual, family, and inclusive group therapy
  • Partial hospitalization and outpatient programs
  • Alumni programs and sponsors

If you or your loved one in the LGBTQ community is ready for alcohol and drug detox, call La Fuente today at 888.903.9898.