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Healing, Strengthening, and Advancing the Lives of LGBTQ People Seeking Recovery

Proud to call you Dad

Alumni Corner Father’s Day messages of gratitude from our Alumni “My time at La Fuente allowed me to stay alive and be present for my father. Today I am able to be a part of his life because of my sobriety. I am so grateful for the man that raised me and loves me unconditionally. Love you, Dad! — Lance L. “I never thought the strong foundation of recovery, which I received at La Fuente would affect my dad’s alcoholism. He had been drinking since he was eleven so I never thought he would get sober. The weeks leading up to my exit date, my dad got sick from heavily drinking and not treating his diabetes. He almost died. After completing the treatment program, he said, “If my son can stay sober, so can I.” — David M. “My father and I always had a hard time connecting until I got into recovery. The treatment I received at La Fuente helped me stay focused on the work I needed to get done in order to repair all of my relationships. Nothing made my Dad happier than to see me clean and sober. When my Dad suddenly passed away in March of 2010, I was a resident at La Fuente and the support I received there helped me get through it sober.” — Nick T. Happy Father’s Days to all of the dads that have stood by us during the best and worst of times. We know we could not have done it without your love and compassion. If you are a father or know of a family with a loved one struggling with addiction. Please call us, we understand and want to help. Happy Father’s Day!

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